News: Television Supervision Release ‘Checkmate’

With major scene players in their court, Television Supervision releases their newest song “Checkmate.” It’s the alternative rock and pop-punk band’s first track from their anticipated LP Enjoy the Ride.

It’s TVSV’s first in a long line of upcoming singles crafted by renowned producer Andy Karpovck, who recently put together hits from fellow Florida bands Magnolia Park and 408. Television Supervision appear poised to be the next group to emerge from the Orlando pop punk scene.

“We will always embody the spirit of owning who you are and being in your face about it,” the band say. “’Checkmate’ is the product of feeling like we were in the backseat, being taken advantage of by many who thought we didn’t know exactly what they were doing, and finally calling them out on it.”

Television Supervision possess an undeniable angst flooded with infectious choruses and loud instrumentation. Both are reflected on “Checkmate,” which flashes early 2000s pop punk vibes with TVSV’s new-age twist. It belongs on all alternative, pop punk, and punk rock playlists.

“Sonically angry, lyrically glum, and honest, yet ultimately motivating—what we’re all about,” the band state.

To learn more about Television Supervision’s upcoming music, click here.

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