Deep and brooding, Detroit-based, death-doom crushers Temple of Void have signed with Relapse Records for the release of their fourth album, set to drop sometime in 2021.

Temple of Void’s third album The World that Was was released early this year on Shadow Kingdom Records and somehow managed to top their absolutely epic 2017 album Lords of Death by adding elements of post and space rock into the mix. Vinyl of The World that Was sold out almost instantly upon release.

On the signing to Relapse, the band said the following:

“The pandemic may have stopped us playing shows, but it can’t stop us writing a new record. We’ve been hard at work ever since lock-down started, crafting new songs and exploring new ways to expand and hone our signature sound. Never a band to write the same album twice, our debut for Relapse will both be familiar and new all at the same time. Echoes of the past will meet with glimpses into the future. Each record we write stands on the shoulders of the prior albums, and this is no different. We’re beyond fucking excited to get into the studio next year and track this beast.”

Check out the video for Temple of Void’s “Self-Schism” off of The World that Was below:

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