Texas-based rock band RōZY unleash new single “Doll.” Released February 5 via Megaforce Records (Metallica, Bad Brains), RōZY are building up their name in the world of rock. After building an impressive resume opening for iconic acts such as Buckcherry, Puddle of Mudd, Kings X, Youth in Revolt, Vixen, L.A Guns, and Jake E. Kee’s Red Dragon Cartel, it won’t be long before RōZY are a headlining act themselves.

A refreshing insight that rock ‘n’ roll constantly evolves, RōZY may look back on their inspirations but are certainly creating something new. Discussing modern concerns and struggles with an empowering sound, “Doll” is fierce, standing out from the crowd among their discography, and serves as the band’s strongest track to date.

Talking about the release, Zoe of RōZY states:

“‘Doll’ is about ignoring the expectations that people put on you, regardless of who they are, and allowing you to get to be your most authentic and unapologetic self. You won’t be who you don’t wanna be; you won’t be someone’s doll.”

Photo courtesy of RōZY

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