News: The Armed Announce New Album ‘ULTRAPOP,’ Reveal Live Studio Video for Single ‘All Futures’

Detroit music collective The Armed have announced their new album, ULTRAPOP, available April 16 through Sargent House Records—their first album for the label. The album follows on from 2018’s highly acclaimed ONLY LOVE.

Featuring collaborations with Mark Lanegan and Troy Van Leeuwen (Queens of the Stone Age), ULTRAPOP is the first album to be co-produced by the octet’s own vocalist and guitarist Dan Greene in collaboration with Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe). Kurt Ballou (Converge, Zeal & Ardor, Russian Circles) remains at the helm as executive producer.

‘Ultrapop’ is said to be the genre of music that said album features. Pulling from the same extremities of sonic expression as metal, noise, and otherwise “heavy,” counterculture music subgenres, the foundation of ULTRAPOP is firmly rooted in pop music and culture. Seeking only to create the most intense and visceral experience possible, The Armed’s newest, full-length album is a magnification of all culture, beauty, and things.

As Greene explains:

“Crafting vital art means presenting the audience with new and intriguing tensions-sonically, visually, conceptually. Over time and through use, those tensions become less novel and effective—and they become expectations. The concept of “subgenre” becomes almost the antithesis of vitality in art, itself a fetishization of expectation. ULTRAPOP seeks, in earnest, to create a truly new listener experience.

It is an open rebellion against the culture of expectation in “heavy” music. It is a joyous, genderless, post-nihilist, anti-punk, razor-focused take on creating the most intense listener experience possible. It’s the harshest, most beautiful, most hideous thing we could make.”

With the announcement of the record’s release, The Armed have revealed a live video for the album’s first single, “All Futures,” explicitly revealing this album’s band member line-up for the first time.

Watch the blisteringly blissful live studio take of “All Futures” below:

Pre-order and save ULTRAPOP here.

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