News: The Armed Drop Video for ‘An Iteration’ Featuring Metal Gear Solid’s David Hayter

Experimental hardcore band – and in case you forgot, our issue 57 cover stars – The Armed, have released a video for “An Iteration” from new album ULTRAPOP out April 16 via Sargent House, featuring Metal Gear Solid voice artist David Hayter.

One of the most recognized voices in video games, as the legendary voice of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid series, David Hayter provides a voice-over and cameo in the video, accompanying the band’s Dan Greene as he comes to terms with the fact that The Armed may only exist in his head. A fever dream of sorts after one too many times falling asleep playing Metal Gear. A scattered timeline of past music videos that centered around Dan Greene, “An Iteration” is full of easter eggs from the band’s history as well Metal Gear Solid. Stay tuned to the very end. 

Dan Greene says:

“The story of Metal Gear Solid 2–which seemed like convoluted, impenetrable nonsense when we were kids–has turned out to be disturbingly prescient of society in 2021. I would argue that this video game raised more interesting artistic and philosophical questions than a lot of “higher art,” and much earlier too. We are beyond honored to see David Hayter take on the role of Dan Greene within The Armed Cinematic Universe.”


ULTRAPOP is out April 16, and features work from Mark Lanegan and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen, and is the first album co-produced by the band’s own Dan Greene in collaboration with Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe). Kurt Ballou remains at the helm as executive producer.

ULTRAPOP promises to be an intense experience, combining pop music and culture with metal, noise, and otherwise “heavy” counterculture music subgenres.

Check out the “An Iteration” video below, and pre-order ULTRAPOP here.

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Images courtesy of The Armed.

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