News: The Boy Detective Release ‘Art Theft’

The Boy Detective show how to blend ska punk, pop punk, and emo in its latest album Art Theft. The seven songs are a perfect concoction of scene sounds blending four or five sub-genres into one magical creation.

Art Theft is a collection of nods to bands and songs we truly grew up loving,” The Boy Detective say. “The seven tracks are our way to thank our predecessors in the songs that changed our lives.”

The Boy Detective mix a rare combination of ska punk with Midwest emo, think Less Than Jake meet Hot Mulligan. Born into comparable scenes, it’s surprising the two sounds don’t marry more often. But The Boy Detective pulls it off perfectly.

“By using loud and chanting choruses and abrasive horny versus with splashes of hardcore breakdowns, horn tadoots, and bassy walks we conduct the perfect soundtrack to a great night,” the band continue. “We are truthful and real in our lyrics with chapters on growing up, parenting children, falling in love, and trying to seduce our spouses.”

Hailing from Southeastern, Michigan, The Boy Detective features bandmates who have been best friends for decades. The chemistry shows in the sound and on stage. The band has a contagious energy live. Keep a close eye on upcoming shows here.

Photo courtesy of The Boy Detective 

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