The Bronx have released the second single from their upcoming Bronx VI album, “Superbloom”, making it the second in the band’s limited-edition 7-inch single collection alongside the album.

Frontman Matt Caughthran explains the track:

“’Superbloom’ is a sonic search for deeper meaning. Musically, the song originated from our bass player Brad Magers, his first official offering on a Bronx Record. The chorus was co-written with Joby Ford, so there is a very unique push/pull that takes place for the first time in Bronx history. Lyrically, the song is about a day I spent lost in the California wildflowers with an old friend. Reflecting on the past in a somewhat desperate attempt to make sense of the present. A very inspired song and one of my favorites on the record.”

With the new album, out August 27 via Banquet Records, and the 7-inch singles, the band are putting emphasis and focus on the artwork. First single “White Shadow” saw the band collaborate with Jeremy Dean, while the new “Superbloom” brings visual arts husband-and-wife duo DabyMyla on board.

DabsMyla say:

“We were introduced to The Bronx years ago when we were living in Australia. Our friend we were painting graffiti with had the first Bronx album playing in his car while we were driving to the spot and from that point on we were both hooked. Being fans and getting to create artwork for the ‘Superbloom’ single has been an honor!”

One lucky fan will find a surprise original DabsMyla painting inside the 7-inch sleeve. Upcoming collaborations include contributions from Estevan Oriol, Craig Stecyk, and Tim Armstrong.

Bronx Superbloom bundle

The band has also unveiled the first tour dates supporting the upcoming album, announcing a Winter 2022 U.K. tour.

Listen to “Superbloom” below, and pick up a merch bundle here (the 7-inch on its own is sold out!). Pre-order/save Bronx VI here. A number of vinyl variants are available.

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Images courtesy of The Bronx. Featured image credit: Mike Miller.


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