Just ahead of the release of their sixth studio album, Bronx VI, slated for August 27, The Bronx are celebrating the 15th anniversary of their influential album Bronx II. As part of the celebration, they joined singer Matt Caughthran’s Sailor Jerry Podcast to chat more about the iconic record.

“It’s like a hindsight record for me because there’s so much that I can look back on and just see how it changed me as a singer, a band member, a musician, and as an artist,” explains Caughthran, joined on the commemorative episode by guitar player Joby Ford and producer Michael Beinhorn.

He continues, “The first record might have been the mission statement, but everything we are now was definitely cemented in the writing and recording process of the second record.”

Bronx II initially came out July 18, 2006. Ford adds that it is probably not their most punk album, but it created the blueprint that allowed the band to move forward in a number of directions.

“It was fun; it was cool, and it was one of the best experiences of my life,” Ford says.

Dive into the conversation and the ins and outs of Bronx II and listen to the episode below:

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Photo courtesy of the Sailor Jerry Podcast.


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