Influential asian american ska band The Chinkees, led by Asian Man Records’ Mike Park, have shared their first new music in 18 years and announced a 12″ EP title K.A. Music.

The surprise announcement came in a brief Facebook post from Park, so concise the music link only made it into the comment section. Asian Man Records site provides a slight, but significant bit more info. The label is “hoping to have [the vinyl] in hand by the end of MAY/early JUNE.” Further, the webstore warns “THIS WILL SELL OUT!!!” K.A. Music will get a one-time pressing of 500 records on randomly colored vinyl.

“Trace The Morning Sun” is the first taste of the four-track EP and its pretty spot on for what any fan of third wave ska might hope for, full of bouncy, horn-accented punk energy.

The world last heard new music from The Chinkees on their third album, 2002’s Searching For A Brighter Future, which followed 1998’s The Chinkees Are Coming! and 1999’s Peace Through Music.

Pre-order K.A. Music here.


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