News: The Darling Fire Return with Sophomore Album ‘Distortions’ Via Iodine Recordings

The Darling Fire, featuring members of Shai Hulud, Further Seems Forever, The Rocking Horse Winner & As Friends Rust, are returning with their sophomore album Distortions, set to release on  September 16th via Iodine Recordings. The band has also shared the tracks “Machina” and “Clean Hands” so far. The band has Previously released was the full-length album Dark Celebration in 2019.

Listen to the “Clean Hands” on YouTube:

Frontwoman Jolie Lindholm state:

“It felt like a natural evolution for us to go in this direction — to create more movement…”

The new material is abrasive, gloomy, and brooding with a more potent metallic influence.  Ethereal, almost ghostly female vocals float above a pounding wall of sound. The end result is an album that is bleak, somber, and enchanting.

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Photo courtesy of The Darling Fire

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