The Dirty Nil have announced their new album Fuck Art will be out later this year via Dine Alone Records.

Fuck Art will be the bands’ third, full-length record. It’s a wild concoction of pop-punk and classic rock, with ’90s alt-pop, ’80s indie, and speed-metal adrenaline. Frontman Luke Bentham was so enthusiastic in the studio that he ripped a hole in his pants. He says, “I still have the pants to prove it!”

The band have also released the first single from the album “Doom Boy” and a riotous video to go with it. The video sees the band jamming in a van before absolutely destroying it. Bentham comments: 

“Without parallel, ‘Doom Boy’ is the most dangerous video we’ve ever made. When we were told that all we had to do was return the shell of the van to get half our money back, all hell broke loose. Between the Roman candles, vintage minibikes, and minivan mayhem, I was quite surprised that we only had a few injuries by the end of the night. Do NOT attempt any of the antics performed in the ‘Doom Boy’ video. You’ve been warned.”

Check out the video for “Doom Boy” below, and follow the band on Twitter for more details on the album. You can also stream the single on your preferred platform here.


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