News: The Dog And Everything Returns With New Song

Power pop and rock band The Dog and Everything release the hauntingly beautiful tune “World of My Own,” the band’s first new song in nearly two decades. The fresh tune from the Chicago-area veterans is already turning heads, recently voted as the track of the week on the popular Blood, Sweat & Beers podcast.

“World of My Own actually originated in 2004. It was written as we were dealing with the pressure of potentially getting signed, which can be a very lonely place for a songwriter,” the band say. “Every label rep just wanted more and more songs to evaluate, and the pressure to deliver was real for Dan (Monahan), our lead singer and songwriter.”

The Dog and Everything were part of a plethora of stellar bands from Chicago to energize pop punk and pop emo during the early 2000s heyday. The band hailed from the same scene that produced giants like Fall Out Boy and The Plain White T’s.

The Dog and Everything joined Something Corporate, Riddlin’ Kids, and Lucky Boys Confusion on tour, contributing to an unmatched music culture. Their songs earned serious radio play, finding their way onto popular shows The Real World and Undressed. But “World of My Own” never made it to production.

“The song didn’t really feel like it had a place back then,” the band continued. “But over the years, after losing both of his parents and going through other life hardships, Dan took the song off the shelf, and it took on a new life—about loss and the hope that eventually follows grief.”

It’s a sad and surprising admission about the new song with 20-year-old lyrics. “World of My Own” feels like a track crafted by songwriting veterans, with a sense of perspective only earned over time, not one from a young musician. This is why “ World of My Own” clicks two decades after pen was put to paper.

“Despite it being written from Dan’s perspective, it really resonated with the other members of the band who had gone through similar hardships over the last 20 years. So it felt like the band kind of grew into the song, and it was the right time for it to get its due.”

Back to those early days. As The Dog and Everything began to collaborate with major producers and top scene talent like Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick, they started to splinter. Members left and were replaced. The Dog and Everything stopped touring in the late 2000s.

But in 2022, the Chicago natives reunited on stage, performing at storied venues like The Metro in Chicago and The Pageant in St. Louis. The Dog and Everything were back. And the guys invited old touring mates to join their music video for “World of My Own.”

Kaustubh “Stubhy” Pandav from Lucky Boys Confusion and The Plain White T’s’ Tom Higgenson, among others, found their way into the production

“It made sense to use our friends and industry people we love and respect because we know them—and that means we know a little more about the hard times they’ve gone through.”

The music video, like the song, ends on a powerful crescendo.

“We reveal that all of those people actually have someone else—their rock, their hope. It’s a huge emotional turn, but one that’s important because when any of us feel insurmountably alone, we never truly are. We really wanted to bring that to life in this film, and what better way to do that than with people you truly care about?”

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Photo courtesy of The Dog and Everything 

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