Los Angeles-based slowcore outfit Sprain have joined the ranks of The Flenser. Formed in 2018 by Alex Kent and April Gerloff, the group focus on playing downer music at unspeakable volumes. They channel frustration, futility, and general misanthropy with a dash of experimental, 90s rock to express their hopelessness. A listen for the whole family.

This masterful blend of bleak music genres can happily place Sprain on bills of an equal variety, fitting in quite nicely with metal or indie bands and everything in between. Their self-titled, self-released 2018 EP was a practice in relative minimalism, but with the recruitment of guitarist Alex Simmons and drummer Max Pretzer, the band now toy with noise and drone with no hesitation.

Expect a new album from Sprain at sometime in 2020.

Check out more about the partnership on The Flenser’s site. 


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