News: The Happy Fits Release Live Album

Indie rock band The Happy Fits release their new, live album Live From Troubadour. It’s the band’s third full-length album.

The New Jersey trio have already built a serious following with their energetic and electrifying pop-rock style. The band are excellent at crafting songs, gleeful in their experimentation.

Anytime The Happy Fits play a song from their new album, Under the Shade of Green, there is an extra level of energy in the crowd. The whole album is a deceptively bright. The Happy Fits use those particular songs to zoom in on the anxieties and catastrophes of daily life while maintaining a hooky attitude. You can tell the crowd is into them while watching Live From Troubadour.

The band goes back to their high school days where cellist Calvin Langman and guitarist Ross Monteith started playing cover songs together. The duo later joined forces with drummer Luke Davis, crafting their 2016 EP Awfully Apeelin.

The band also recently announced they will perform at Lollapalooza

Learn more about The Happy Fits and their upcoming shows here.

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