News: The Home Team Release Double Singles ‘Roommate’ and ‘Overtime’

On May 3, proclaimed Seattle heavy-pop band The Home Team released two singles, “Roommates” and “Overtime,” off their highly-anticipated upcoming record, The Crucible of Life. The release is joined by both the album announcement and a double-feature music video for the new singles. With previous releases boasting influences of R&B, pop, and funk, The Home Team are spinning together a memorable and inviting experience of listening to heavy music while being able to groove.

The ideas for “Roommates” and “Overtime” stem from vocalist Brian Butcher and what he believes are two different sides of himself and the dialogue that occurs between the two sides.

“’Roommates’ is from the perspective of a driven, organized and motivated side of me, and ‘Overtime’ is the respective creative and passionate side,” explains Butcher. “Both have their weaknesses and their strengths, (but) they can’t exist without the other.” Now, “Roommates” and “Overtime” join three other singles off the upcoming 12-song LP. 

The Crucible Of Life Tracklist

  1. “Turn You Off”
  2. “Brag”
  3. “Love & Co”
  4. “Roommates”
  5. “Overtime”
  6. “Honest”
  7. “Somebody Else’s Face”
  8. “Walk This World With Me”
  9. “All Squeezed Out”
  10. “Hell”
  11. “Love When You’re Used”
  12. “Loud”

A band desperately needed for their authenticity, eccentricity, and enjoyability, The Home Team encapsulate emotion through their traditional pop-punk and metalcore influences, yet bring energy through popular music techniques and concepts.

Photo courtesy of Thriller Records

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