News: The Last Martyr Release New Single ‘Burn It Down’

Australian chaotic alt-metal group The Last Martyr recently released their latest single, “Burn It Down.” The track, which finds itself somewhere between metalcore and industrial, is a powerful anthem of resistance.

“‘Burn It Down’ is about wishing we could press reset on the world and start again,” vocalist Monica Strut explains about the song’s lyrical content. “It touches upon the control of women’s bodies and the governing of other marginalised groups—wishing we could burn down all the oppressive systems humans have created over the years.”

As for the musical content, the band move into a darker place than they have on previous singles, which they say mirrors the lyrical content of the song. “The music is so apocalyptic and dark, and I wanted to convey anger, power and a touch of sarcasm in the lyrics and vocal delivery. I think the combination comes across as pretty unhinged but given the subject matter, I think that’s fair enough!”

Alongside the single comes the aggressively glitchy music video directed by Andrew Vaughan. Check out the video below.

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Photo courtesy of Electrum Photography

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