News: The Lion’s Daughter Share New Single, ‘Maximize Terror’

St. Louis horror metal outfit The Lion’s Daughter have released their new single “Maximize Terror,” off of their upcoming full-length Bath House.  Bath House will be released on October 13.

Listen to “Maximize Terror” on YouTube:

Frontman Rick Giordano explains the band’s unique sound:

“Saying that this album was influenced by everything-that-I’ve-ever-liked-ever isn’t a very good answer, but it’s an accurate one. I turned the left side of my brain off completely and let a lifetime of soaking up great art just come to the surface naturally.

“There are bits of all the things I love in there… from old Metallica to film scores to industrial and whatever else, but I think these things have melded together in a way that is cohesive and not just nonsensical genre-hopping. There are clean vocals and guitar solos, a lot of things that we’ve never tried before. It really feels like you uploaded my entire record collection to a hard drive and had an AI create an album based on that.”

The Lion’s Daughter Live Dates (U.S.):

10/13: St. Louis, MO @ Red Flag (Album Release Show)
11/11: Indianapolis, IN @ Black Circle Brewing

Recording Lineup:

Rick Giordano – vocals, guitars, bass, synths
Erik Ramsier – drums
Scott Fogelbach – additional vocals on tracks 2, 7, 8

Live Lineup:

Rick Giordano – guitar and vocals
Scott Fogelbach – bass and vocals
Aaron Akin – guitar
Erik Ramsier – drums

Guest Musicians:

Sarah Vie – violin and vocals on tracks 2, 4, 7, 9

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Photo courtesy of The Lion’s Daughter

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