Denver pop-punkers The Mazlows have released new single “Leaving Town” from their upcoming debut full-length album, Community Locker.

It’s a pretty standard subject for pop-punk songs, but one that feels even more relatable in these times of isolation, as Colton Kooker (Guitar/vocals) says: “The song connects our young dreams of moving away, to the current realities of still having challenges in life”. 

The track has grown up with the band, as Kooker comments: “The guitar riff was actually written when we were 15, but the chorus was written this year as we turned 30”. And it shows, as it tells the story of wanting to leave your hometown, but with a more mature perspective: “All of us grew up in Lakewood, Colorado — a typical American suburb that we’ve always dreamed of leaving”, Kooker says. Nate Hout (guitar/vocals) adds: “I was always fascinated with people who were constantly on the move from state to state — and wondered what kind of lives they were leaving behind”. 

The song is a perfect example of what’s to come from the album, set to be released in August. Check out the single on Spotify below, and follow the band on Twitter HERE to be the first to hear more about the new album.


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