News: The Sound Of Animals Fighting Returns, Announces New Song

Fourteen years in the making, The Sound of Animals Fighting are back, announcing the forthcoming releasing of their song APESHIT. Featuring members of Circa Survive, RX Bandits and LS Dunes, it’s the band’s first album since 2008’s The Ocean and The Sun, APESHIT comes out on December, 2, with a full EP due in January.

The Sound of Animals Fighting was founded by Rich Balling from RX Bandits, releasing its first album in 2005. The band says it aims to “create, bend, meld, shift and sway” with their music. They’ll support the new music by touring.

The band members often go by animal names and wear masks, which they say helps the listeners “focus on the experience of the music and its creation instead of the personalities behind it.”

The band is represented by Philadelphia’s Born Losers Records. Here are the dates of their upcoming tour:

January 6 – San Francisco, CA

January 7 – Los Angeles, CA

January 8 – Orange County, CA

January 10 – San Diego, CA

January 11 – Tempe, AZ

January 13 – Dallas, TX

January 14 – San Antonio, TX

January 16 – St. Louis, MO

January 17 – Chicago, IL

January 18 – Detroit, MI

January 20 – Worcester, MA

January 21 – New York City, New York

January 22 – Philadelphia, PA

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