Ocean City, Maryland’s prolific, psychedelic rock trio The Swell Fellas released a subliminal and exploratory video for their track “Scatterbrain,” taken from their impressive new EP The Great Play of Extension.

Following up their grand debut album The Big Grand Entrance, the trio once again locked themselves with producer/engineer and All Them Witches guitarist Ben McLeod in The Church studio to record their new EP The Great Play of Extension.

Released only three months later, this three-track record seals the trio’s smooth, expansive, and definitely addictive brand of psych/prog rock, placing them among the bands to watch for anyone craving rock-solid jams and blues-infused hooks.

The band offers more details about the EP: “These songs are extremely special to us because we believe they capture our daily grind and mindset at this time in our early 20s. We’re constantly working on ourselves, our mentality, the vision, and our music just trying to break out of a small town where the original music scene is slim, but we truly love the place and the people.

This creates waves of emotion between the three of us feeling like we have to leave, and then the next day, we’re completely at peace with who and where we are in this life we’ve been given. The Great Play of Extension EP is a virtual experience of what it’d be like to strap in and take the ride through our combined consciousness … trapping those feelings in time.”

Listen to The Great Play of Extension here.

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