News: Thetan To Release ‘Dim Times’ EP May 19

Nashville power violence duo Thetan, will release their new EP, Dim Times, May 19 via Anti-Corporate Music. Dim Times features six new and previously unreleased tracks, rerecorded songs, and cover tracks. An expansive CD version of the record is being pressed with over 40 bonus tracks including nearly all of the band’s vinyl-only split and compilation tracks, demos, and more, all remixed and remastered for this release.

Bassist and vocalist Dan Emery states:

“This EP is a mixed bag of stuff we’ve either wanted to cover and record, previously recorded but felt we needed to re-record, or recorded but didn’t have a home for. ‘Dim Times’ was written for an album but didn’t make the final track list. The cover songs are by the Dwarves and the Wipers. We started playing ‘Fuck You Up And Get High’ a few years ago. It’s sort of an ode to our past, to more carefree times, but it’s safe to say our years of partying and wilding out are pretty well behind us. ‘D7’ is a song that I’ve wanted to cover since I was a teenager, but just never really pushed for it in any previous bands.

“Over the past couple years, my son has started really getting into music, and now he loves that song, so we decided to record it as a surprise for him. ‘Penance’ and ‘Collateral Damage’ are songs from our first album, ‘Laughed At By The Gods,’ that are still frequently on our set lists. We felt they could have been recorded better, so this is a mulligan of sorts for those songs. ‘Departure’ is a typical Thetan interlude where we break out instruments that we don’t normally get to play in recordings. This particular one is me playing banjo and walking out of the room with a bunch of synths playing through it.

“We decided to release this as a CD because we have nothing else available on CD except for the Kool Keith collaboration, and I’m sick of people coming to the merch table and asking if we have CDs. Fine, fucking yes we do! The CD itself has 40-plus bonus tracks, all the split and compilation tracks, some well-recorded demo stuff, songs that didn’t make albums, our collab with Lil B, all that stuff is on there. I remixed everything that I could get multitrack sessions for, and everything has been remastered as well. A lot of the songs on there were victims of circumstance and could have sounded a lot better, so this is a mulligan for those too. Thetan is all about second chances.”

Bassist/vocalist Dan Emery handled all engineering, mixing, and mastering duties at his Anti-Corporate Music/Black Matter Mastering headquarters in Nashville, TN.

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