Los Angeles-based experimenters Thief recently payed homage to Chelsea Wolfe with a stripped back cover of “Tall Bodies.” Check it out below!

Thief mastermind Dylan Neal says:

“I have always wanted to do a collection of covers from female artists that have been a big inspiration in my life that could showcase the dulcimer I used in Botanist. The pieces fell together with this track, as Chelsea Wolfe’s first two albums had a huge impact on me; the debut is especially frost-bitten, the sound of Scorpio rising.

“I wanted to have a visual representation of what happens at the end of the song when the audio begins to “smear” because the dulcimer is being processed live through a few tape/granular modules. The video glitch was created with Conway’s Game of Life cellular automation. The visual artist Kaspar Ravel invented this concept, so I reached out to him to learn how to do it. The machines used melt and disintegrate any sense of a “straight line,” visually and sonically.

“Two arrows meet in mid-air. Straight lines in a crooked world. There is no line to be straight or world to be crooked.”

Thief’s most recent album, Map Of Lost Keys, was released July 26 2019 via Prophecy Productions and can be found here.


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