Nashville hardcore group Thirdface have released their latest single, “No Requiem For The Wicked”, from their upcoming debut album Do It With A Smile, out March 5 via Exploding In Sound Records.

“No Requiem For The Wicked” follows the previously released lead single “Villains!”.

Keep reading for a spotlight review of Do It With A Smile, and a quick insight into the lyrics from vocalist Kathryn Edwards.

Check out “No Requiem For The Wicked” below, pre-order the new album here, and follow Thirdface on Facebook here.

Thirdface EIS105

Album: Do It With A Smile out March 5 via Exploding In Sound Records 
RIYL: Humor. Live Shows. Social Commentary.

Do It With A Smile is both a harsh and gorgeous listen, but Thirdface’s debut is most striking in how it is crafted like a live show—even down to the droning improv-style interludes to allow time for the band to switch guitars and hydrate. Their brand of bass-heavy hardcore takes cues from noise rock, grind, and sludge, and it’s performed with the ferocity few are able to conjure up. One of the more interesting aspects is vocalist Kathryn Edwards’ sardonic literary references and humor—with references to Clive Barker, Westerns, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. It’s impossible not to grin along to just about everything Thirdface have done here. Edwards expands on the lyrical dichotomy a bit: 

“I always try to talk about things I experience or feel submerged in the context of my other interests, which leads to me framing the take down of abusers, lowlifes, and other general wastes of space within lyrics about vampire hunters and anime references. This isn’t to hide their bite, but to add a smile and nod behind the snarl. The great degree of dissatisfaction with the way systems that we are trapped in continue to run will forever be a thorn in my side; great for lyrical content, though.” 

Images courtesy of Thirdface. Featured image credit: Diana Zadlo.


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