News: THOTCRIME announce new collaboration song “ExDxM” with OZIGIRI

THOTCRIME have released a new collaboration single, “ExDxM” with Japanese speedcore act OZIGIRI. With a rapid run time of only one minute and forty seconds, this fast-paced barrage of electronic dance music meets death metal will take listeners on a wild ride.

When speaking about “ExDxM” and the collaboration process, THOTCRIME stated,

“in THOTCRIME we always have a stockpile of riffs or demos that we wish we could use but never find a home for. We’ve been fans of OZIGIRI for a while and decided to shoot our shot. To our surprise, he said yes and we sent over a song and gave OZIGIRI free reign to do whatever he wanted with it. He took it in a very different breakcore direction to the metalcore beginnings of it and we’re all super pleased with how it turned out.”

OZIGIRI’s take on the collaboration goes as follows,

“great cybergrinder THOTCRIME sent me a crazy song. So I responded with a crazy one too. As a result, the gates of cyber hell opened and the armies of hell destroyed my eardrums. Rip and tear until it is grind.”

Fans can listen to the collaboration here.

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