I mean, why not. They’ve both been having a pretty good year, and people really liked Thou’s cover albums and May Our Chambers Be Full was successful … why not see how much steam this particular train can gain!

So yeah, Thou & Emma Ruth Rundle are going to release another collaborative album, this time an EP, called The Helm of Sorrow. It will drop on January 15, 2021 on Sacred Bones.

Before you get TOO excited, though, they’ve already said that these songs were from the same sessions as their LP released earlier this year. Even if they’re not exactly “brand new” songs, b-sides are better than nothing, and it’s going to be good to have more material from this partnership to fill our headcaves with.

You can check out one of the advanced tracks from the EP below:

Also, Thou’s Mitch Wells did a video for “Elysian Fields” from May Our Chambers Be Full. Check it out below:

Photo courtesy of Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle.

Preorder The Helm of Sorrow here.


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