Thou have a bit of a reputation for doing Nirvana covers, a fact that they leaned into pretty hard with the release of a full album worth of covers back in June of this year, titled Blessings of the Highest Order.

In your boredom during quarantine, it’s understandable if you’ve already rung all the joy you can out of that album. Well, fear not, because those artsy sludge monsters from Louisiana have another covers album for you.

This one they are calling A Primer of Holy Words, which is possibly a reference to the fact that many of the songs covered have some profound significance on the band (ie Holy Texts). They’ve got a Black Sabbath “Sweet Leaf” cover that they’ve dirtied up to the point where it sounds like a High on Fire original, a blackend-sludge version of Born Against’s “Well Fed Fuck,” a bewitched version of Pearl Jam’s “Spin the Black Circle,” and an appropriately gross and desperate cover of Shellac’s “Prayer to God.” It’s as good or better than their Nirvana album imho.

You can stream the whole album below:

Grab a copy of A Primer of Holy Words from the Thou via Bandcamp here.

Or through Robot Empire here.

Photo Credit: Craig Mulcahy


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