News: TOOPOOR releases a dazzling music video for ‘DESOLATION’

Los Angeles artist TOOPOOR have dropped a new single and music video entitled “DESOLATION.”

The track was recorded by producer Lucas Arthur and is taken from TOOPOOR’s as-of-yet untitled album, set for release later this year.

The new song is as heart-rendering as it is cathartic, with the solo project of Layla Shapiro delivering arguably her most vulnerable track to date, as she seeks to overcome losing her partner and losing herself—not recognizing who is staring back at her in the mirror.

TOOPOOR’s rise from hot DJ to much-hyped breakout artist has seen the Los Angeles act tread a thematically reflective and contemplative path, exploring issues of toxic relationships, mortality and mental health.

The haunting video for ‘DESOLATION’ was shot in Joshua Tree and symbolically sees Shapiro running through the desert in the attempt to escape trauma, with the nudity symbolizing a sense of liberation as she does so.

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