With a razor-sharp, grunge-glam sound, Toronto outfit The Effens draw inspiration from ‘90s grunge sneer and early-aughts, indie-rock cheek.

On their forthcoming third EP, Eventually, out July 30 via Hidden Pony and their own LootBag Records, the band combine honeyed, pop melodies and contemporary, post-punk ingenuity to refine a grimly, glowing, and incredibly fun collection.

Listen to the band’s latest single, “Punishment,” below:

“Punishment” follows on from the band’s previous single, “Venom Denim.” The track contrasts the mechanical against organic, human elements to create a sweet, sinister love song about all the ways someone can control another, while still coming across as “caring” or “helpful.”

The band’s new EP represents a new level of depth and experimentation for a group that are relentless in their desire to present something novel made from that which is routine.

Eventually was self-recorded and produced in a basement-quilt-room-turned-recording studio in the Toronto home of vocalist and guitarist Austin Nops’ grandfather, where Nops lived for the past decade.

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