Australian art punks, Tropical Fuck Storm, have released a 7” single via Joyful Noise Records, with their track “Legal Ghost” on side A and a cover of Talking Heads’ “Heaven” as its B-side. 

“Legal Ghost” was first written and recorded in the 90s, and the band used the same four-track machine to record “Heaven”, bringing in Don Don and H’y, for pedal steel and violin. The 7” was recorded (only just) pre-global lockdown, at Dodgy Brothers Studio in Central Victoria.

TFS say about the cover song: “‘Heaven’ is this weird chameleon-like tune which has meant one thing for about 40 years, but in light of all this pandemic shit and all the trouble and strife in the western world, has done a total 180-degree flip and now means the reverse of what it once did. It also has a lovely melody.”

Joe Becker designed this t-shirt, as well as the cover artwork for TFS’ entire discography.

Check out the cover of “Heaven” on YouTube below, grab a copy of the “Legal Ghost” 7” HERE (be quick, the limited edition bottle green pressing has already sold out!), and while you’re at it, pick up a brand new Joe Becker-designed t-shirt on the Joyful Noise website.


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