News: Tsjuder Release New Music Video

Norwegian black metal band Tsjuder have recently released their sixth album, Helvegr. The album has been widely praised by critics and fans alike. The band have also released a music video for the title track.

Watch the official video of “Helvegr” on YouTube:

According to the press release:

“‘Helvegr’ often means a journey or road that the souls of the deceased take after death. The video was recorded in Hallingdal, during a full moon, and casts a grim light over just how dark and treacherous it can get out in the Norwegian woods.”

Recording Line-up:

Nag – Bass & Vocals
Draugluin – Guitars & Vocals
Jon Rice – Drums

Guest musicians:

Guitar solo on ‘Gamle Erik’ by Pål Emanuelsen
Guest vocals on ‘Gods of Black Blood’ by Seidemann (1349)

After the departure of Anti-Christian, Jon Rice and Eivin Brye have shared the drum duties on Tsjuder ‘s live performances.


Order Helvegr here.

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Photo courtesy of Chantik Photography

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