News: Twin Skeletons Release ‘Did You Get What You Wanted?’

Alternative band Twin Skeltons are flying high after its recent release of its debut EP Did You Get What You Wanted? The up-and-comers started putting out songs from the collection last year, culminating with its newest tune of the same name.

“’Did You Get What You Wanted’ talks about staying with someone or something that brings you comfort even though it brings you more harm than good,” the band says.

The U.K. band showcases serious versatility in the four-song collection, With “Deadweight” leaning on its poppy ensemble, while “What You Wanted” is an explosive track laced with heavy breakdowns. But the band takes a turn with “Make Me” that features groovy, electronc synths.

“The song conveys the constant need to have control over every situation,” Twin Skeletons states. “Which results in using selfish ways to do so, but ultimately we all run out of chances.”

The four-piece Twin Skeletons formed in 2022 after brother/ sister duo James and Phoebe sought to find the perfect band. Their music combines dark, sonic rock riffs with catchy melodies, hints of pop-punk and compelling electronic sounds. The band lists Paramore, Muse and Wolf Alice as inspirations. You can here pieces of each in their music.

Twin Skeletons have already performed at gigs and festivals around the U.K. Keep a close eye out for their next show and new music here.

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