Perhaps the most obvious characteristic about budding, alternative rock quartet Rend is their young age, but just beyond that is a strong desire to create a musical sound that is all their own. Inspired largely by a range of music from the Seattle grunge scene, hardcore punk, alternative metal, and Black Sabbath (of course), Rend find themselves currently navigating through the earlier stages of developing quite the fun and unique sound.

With a couple singles already under their belt, Rend is preparing to release their first 5-song EP titled, From The Ashes. Their latest single “No Lust For Love” gives listeners the first taste of what the band has been working on consistently for the past year.

Rend explores some cool ideas throughout the new track, jamming with what reminded me of a Life of Agony-backed tempo and a Tom Morello-inspired riffing style (Audioslave-era). For being on the more youthful side, vocalist Nick Muñoz releases a rather deep vocal tone, which adds a refreshing touch to the bands overall sound.

Rend began as a passion project in middle school between Nick Muñoz (vocals/guitar) and Anthony Rosales (guitar), that quickly evolved once the duo transferred to a Westside school of arts in the Los Angeles area. There, they met Max Morse (drums) and Nico Valencia (bass), becoming a full band and diving right into playing live gigs all around the SoCal area.

All direct purchases of the new single “No Lust For Love” from Rend’s personal Bandcamp, will go to the Loveland Foundation, providing financial assistance to black women and girls who cannot afford mental health services. From The Ashes is looking at a Fall release date, so stay tuned to their socials for more details.

From The Ashes track listing:

  1. Hush
  2. No Lust for Love
  3. Gimme (Rerecorded)
  4. From the Ashes
  5. The Pretty Things

Visit Rend official website here.
Visit Rend Bandcamp here.

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