News: VARYA Releases New EP ‘Oh Them Rivers’

Wildly talented alternative musician VARYA releases her delectably haunting new EP Oh Them Rivers.  The seven-song collection is tough to pigeonholed, reflecting the musician’s unreal versatility.

“I wrote Oh Them Rivers at a time when I was feeling very stuck. I felt like some light had extinguished, and all I could see around me was a lot of suffering, fear, anger, resentment, regret and jealousy,” the musician candidly explains. “These seven songs came out, each in a way showing a different exploration of that idea: How to let go of the things that break your hearts, join the fight for a gentler, kinder more sincere future?”

From its conception to its finality, VARYA says Oh Them Rivers took about six years. And the songs evolved over that time, changing along with the artist.

“This EP helped me grow immensely in every way, become a bit softer and lighter,” VARYA says. “Many folks will hear these songs as dark and sad, but to me they are full of hope and love.”

Oh Them Rivers will play perfectly live and is a show you’ll want to see. Keep an eye out for announcements from VARYA here.

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