News: Velnias Release New Music Video ‘Rending of Dyadic Convolution’

The Colorado-based musicians Velnias return with their new sonic mammoth “Rending of Dyadic Convolution,” which was produced by Stephen Parker (ex-Pillorian, Maestus) and Petras Vaznelis. Once again, the band have taken the path of intense cinematic imagery, capturing a stunning monolithic visual that can be viewed exclusively on the Eisenwald Youtube channel.

Watch the official video of “Rending of Dyadic Convolution” on YouTube:

It is not only a great visual piece filmed in the bands home mountain area in Colorado, capturing impressive images next to elements of wilderness. It also features the first new music of the band since the release of their 2020 album Scion of Aether on Eisenwald.

The roots of Velnias stretch back to 2006. Hailing from Nederland, in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, their music is an exploration of the macrocosm reflected within the fractal expanse of the burgeoning microcosm.

Since then, Velnias have patiently built a potent body of work, capped by three full-length recordings: Their debut, Sovereign Nocturnal, from 2008, followed by RuneEater from 2012 and their latest album Scion of Aether released in 2020.

Velnias established a unique style of sprawling doom, soaring post-rock, and intense black metal, laced with passionate passages of folk and moody acoustics. Their sound is progressive—primal and feral, yet meticulously honed.

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Photo courtesy of Velnias

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