News: Vildhjarta Announce Release Of ‘+ ylva +’

Vildhjarta, a Swedish progressive metal band from Hudiksvall founded in 2005, have released their brand new single “+ ylva +” streaming now. Vildhjarta released previous record Måsstaden Under Vatten in 2021, and the release of this new single opens up a new musical chapter in the band’s career.

For those that may not know, here’s a quick history lesson. Vildhjarta released their iconic two-track EP Omnislash in 2009 before they signed on the dotted line with Century Media Records in 2011. Their debut album Måsstaden was released to the hungry metal masses In 2013. Måsstaden Under Vatten is Vildhjarta’s second album released in October 2021, their first studio release in eight years since the Thousands of Evils EP.

For those that might not know this little tidbit of trivia, the band’s name, Vildhjarta, (Swedish for “Wild Heart”) was inspired by an adventure module for the fantasy role playing game Drakar och Demoner published in 1982 by gaming company Äventyrsspel, which later changed its name to Target Games.

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