Melbourne metal outfit Void Of Vision have teamed up with Ecca Vandal for a chaotic reimagining of “Decay” from their 2019 full-length, Hyperdaze.

Void Of Vision vocalist Jack Bergin explains:

“We have all been familiar with the name Ecca Vandal for quite a while now, it wasn’t until our run together on Good Things Festival ‘18 that we REALLY pricked up our ears though. Unfortunately we clashed sets each day except for the last, so when I got to run over and catch those last few songs it was everything I hoped for and more, ever since then she’s been a playlist regular.”

He continues:

“We were so stoked that she was down to collaborate and work in her own style so effortlessly. Ecca has such a powerful presence and now it’s been stamped on a little piece of VOV history.”

The release follows Void Of Vision’s “Year Of The Rat” remix featuring Thornhill vocalist Jacob Charlton.

Stream “Decay (feat. Ecca Vandal)” via UNFD below:


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