News: Volcandra Announce New Album ‘The Way Of Ancients’

Ahead of Volcandra’s new album The Way Of Ancients dropping March 1, the band has released new single “Fouled Sanctity,” which you can view below. Volcandra, known for their love of the fantasy genre, promise plenty of sword and sorcery action for their fans.

Regarding “Fouled Sanctity,” they state:

“We chose Fouled Sanctity as the first single for this record because it takes no time to get going. From the first note you know you’re in for a banger. The track showcases our love for thrash and death metal with a blackened twist, but not without a hint of melody in the mix.

“The lyrics are about a brave warrior who ventures into the depths of a defiled cathedral that has been infested with demons in which he must do battle with. By the end of his quest he is possessed by the soul of the beast who is the cause of all of this chaos. For the music video, we recruited our good friend Malcolm Pugh (Inferi) once again. The video pays homage to sword and sorcery films of the 1980s and our love for analog media of yesteryear.”

Volcandra further comment:

“The Way of Ancients features an over arching high fantasy concept inspired by some of our favorite pieces of media from the sword and sorcery genre. It tells a tale of unlikely heroes traversing through deadly terrain in order to take on insurmountable forces of darkness. The album title refers to the final passage that must be taken in order to complete such a perilous quest.

For this release, we blended our influences from thrash metal, melodic death metal, and black metal all into one finely crafted sonic assault. It is our most aggressive record to date and we can’t wait to bring these songs to a venue near you. We are ecstatic to share this album that we are very proud of on the world stage via Prosthetic Records and expand our reach as far as possible.”

Vocalist and lyricist Dave Palenske’s affinity for concept albums led to The Way of Ancients’ overarching story with influence from the classic early Diablo video game series as well sword and sorcery films from the 80’s including Conan, Clash of the Titans, and Excalibur.

Photo courtesy of Volcandra

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