Back in 1996, ’90s big boy hardcore bands Earthcrisis, Snapcase, and Strife released a record live record through Victory Records called The California Takeover… Live. The bands were all in top form during the era and it is considered by some to be a pinnacle album and an important document in the history of ’90s hardcore.

In February of 2020, Earthcrisis, Snapcase, and Strife got back together to homage to their champion collaboration of decades prior for two shows on consecutive nights in Los Angeles. Now, War Records is unapologetically rolling out the audio as a new live record, The Return Of The California Takeover.

Recorded live at the Teragram Ballroom on February 23rd, 2020, The Return Of The California Takeover was produced by Aaron Bruno of Awolnation along with Eric Stenman (Thrice, Deftones, Will Haven) co-producing, engineering, and mixing. The record was mastered by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy) and features artwork by Linas Garsys.

The Return Of The California Takeover will be out November 19th in various formats, including 300 color-in-color pressed as band exclusives, 400 on olive green available through RevHQ, BrooklynVegan, Hardtimes, Revolver, Coretex, and more, and two WAR Records exclusive pressings, with 100 on glow in the dark wax with Japanese OBI Strip and 200 tricolor California Flag pressing, all including a 24”x36” poster.

Now it is ok for you to get hyped about this record, but remember that not everyone is going to be as excited about this release as you are- so try not to crowd-kill your roommate/parents/SO while listening to this thing. It’s really not worth getting tossed out of your current residence over- especially because that is where your record player lives and it’s going to be hard to enjoy a record that you can’t listen to.

Pre-orders through War Records here. 


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