Experimental collective The Armed have released a video for their new single “AVERAGE DEATH”, taken from their upcoming album, ULTRAPOP, out April 16 via Sargent House.

The video is as surreal as you’d expect from The Armed, with the group’s own Clark Huge amongst a whole array of colorful characters, resulting in a representation of the future of pop through The Armed’s lens. There are also guest performances from Nicole Estill (True Widow) and singer Jess Hall. 

The video is a perfect visual reflection of the album, as the band’s Dan Greene describes it:

“[The video is] the harshest, most beautiful, most hideous thing we could make. We hope this video is equal parts mesmerizing and uncomfortable.”

“AVERAGE DEATH” follows previous single “ALL FUTURES” and its live video, ahead of the release of ULTRAPOP, The Armed’s first release for Sargent House.


ULTRAPOP is also the first album co-produced by Greene, alongside Ben Chisholm (Chelsea Wolfe), and Kurt Ballou returning as executive producer. The album features work from Mark Lanegan and Queens of the Stone Age guitarist Troy Van Leeuwen.

Check out the video for “AVERAGE DEATH” below, and pre-order/save ULTRAPOP here.

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Images courtesy of The Armed. Featured image credit: Nate Sturley.


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