The Dirty Nil have released a video for new single “Elvis ‘77”, taken from new album Fuck Art, out now via Dine Alone Records. The video is made up of footage of fans interpreting the lyrics in their own unique ways.

Fuck Art combines classic rock, pop-punk, 80s indie, 90s alternative, and even speed-metal ingredients into The Dirty Nil’s confidently unique sound.


And if you’re curious where the album’s defiant name comes from, here’s an anecdote from frontman Luke Bentham to explain (Bentham was gifted community painting class lessons by his mother for Christmas, to set the scene):

“Our teacher was showing us how to do something really basic, like paint a sky. And this older guy in the back was like, ‘hey, mine doesn’t look like that!’ And then, ‘I got a brush-hair stuck in my painting!’ And then ‘mine doesn’t look like everybody else’s!’ And the teacher goes, ‘well that’s the beauty of art—you’re just going to explore and find yourself.’ And there’s this long silence and I just heard him say, ‘fuck art.’ This 72-year-old dude was basically having a tantrum! It was kind of an eye-opening experience, because I had this myth in my mind that, at some point, everybody gets their shit together. But seeing this old guy complain reminded me that, ‘oh, no—not everybody gets a grip on life.’ I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After I told my mom it was going to be the album title, she left two different messages on my answering machine trying to convince me to change it.” 

Check out the “Elvis ‘77” video below, and listen to Fuck Art here.

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Images courtesy of The Dirty Nil.


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