This time last year the world had just been thrown into total chaos. A pandemic was sweeping the globe, people were locked inside their homes and amongst it all, Waxahatchee released Saint Cloud, a career-defining album. Saint Cloud created a safe space for people living in constant fear. It was a reminder that better times will indeed return one day and it was the record so many of us needed, released at exactly the time we needed it the most. 

Today, 1 year later Waxahatchee is giving Saint Cloud a special reissue with three new cover songs. Katie Crutchfield (not surprisingly) covered “Fruits of My Labor” by Lucinda Williams, “Light of a Clear Blue Morning”  by Dolly Parton, & “Streets of Philadelphia” the Bruce Springsteen classic.

Listen to the whole album with the three new tracks below:

Photo by Johnny Eastlund.

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