News: Wayne Kramer of MC5 Dies at 75

Legendary proto-punk guitarist and founding member of seminal proto-punk group MC5 died today, according to a post shared on his social media accounts. The post simply read “Wayne S. Kramer ‘PEACE BE WITH YOU’ April 30, 1948 – February 2, 2024.” No cause of death was given for the rock icon’s death.

Wayne Kramer founded MC5 in 1963 and the group became known for their wild live shows and far-left political leanings. The band members were all members of the White Panther Party, a militant anti-racist group of white people who stood in solidarity with the Black Panther Party and who were founded by the MC5’s manager, John Sinclair. Feeling that no studio album could possible capture the electric energy of an MC5 live show, for the band’s first album they opted to release a live album, the widely influential 1969 album Kick out the Jams. Kramer also released five solo albums in his lifetime and composed scores for television and film.

Photo by Jim Newberry via Instagram.

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