News: We Are The Union Releases New Song, Video ‘Boys Will Be Girls’

L.A.-based We Are The Union doesn’t shy away from exploring conversations around self identity, and this bears repeating with their new song and music video, “Boys Will Be Girls.”

We Are The Union
The band embraces living their truth in their best, authentic selves, and their upcoming album Ordinary Life explores this even more. Longtime vocalist Reade Wolcott came out publicly as a trans woman just a few weeks back, and the new album tells her story of leaving the past behind and discovering herself through it all.

“Not only is gender dysphoria a thing I’ve experienced but the feeling of belonging with this group of people, people who are living their truth,” Wolcott told SPIN, regarding her experience at MAGFest. “That weekend was very transformative to me.”

The track, and album as a whole, draws on ska, pop, and punk rock sounds, with catchy hooks and equally catchy lyrics.

The new album Ordinary Life is out June 4 and is currently available for preorder. You can catch the music video below.

Catch We Are The Union on Facebook, Instagram, and Bandcamp. Photo courtesy of We Are The Union and Rae Mystic.

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