News: We Demand Parachutes Return with New single ‘Cheerful Coping’

In a chaotic and uncertain world, We Demand Parachutes return with a new song designed to inspire and empower their fans. While the burden of the world may seem overwhelming when looking at our social media feeds, the band offer a dose of positivity with their approach to “Cheerful Coping.”

Produced and recorded by Four Year Strong’s Alan Day, the pop punk band capture the spirit of the modern day and the ability to keep going despite the challenges we face. With lyrics that reflect everyday struggles and an explosive melody, the song promises to be an anthem for those looking to stay strong in the midst of adversity.

With a profound perspective, We Demand Parachutes shares:

“‘Cheerful Coping’ is the story of the underdog. There is something powerful in having a mindset of resilience. Like the rest of the world, the three of us have all had some wild life happen these past couple of years. As a band, we’ve adopted the mantra ‘Cheerful Coping.’ The world’s getting weirder. We think it’s important to keep that positive mindset and keep driving through the obstacles. Life is going to knock you down; you’ve gotta keep standing back up.”

Listen to the new single, “Cheerful Coping”:

This track marks the beginning of a new phase for the band, who have undergone a creative evolution in their songwriting process. With the doors open to experimentation and collaboration, We Demand Parachutes have crafted an EP that promises to maintain their distinctive sound while exploring new musical horizons.

Cheerful Coping

















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Photo courtesy of Internal Vision.

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