Dark-humored rockers We’re Wolves have unleashed their new album, Evil Things, featuring guest appearances from members of Ice Nine Kills, Fame on Fire, and Rain Paris.

Each track on the record represents a circle of Hell inspired by Dante’s “Inferno” while also telling the story with the band’s own personal experiences.

Vocalist AJ Diaferio says of the album:

“The time has finally come, years of hard work and heartache went into the creation of this album. I’m overwhelmed with emotions, mainly excitement, for the world to finally hear what we created as a team. I’m beyond proud of this album. It was as much of a wild ride working on the album, as it is a wild ride to listen to. I hope you all fall in love with it as much as we have. Welcome to the personal hell that is Evil Things.” 


Blending metal subgenres and hard rock, along with horror-loving dark humor, the band constantly push the boundaries of entertainment through satirical yet theatrically-morbid visuals that play off of their carefully crafted aggressive sound.

Their debut full-length album is based on Dante’s Divine Comedy and takes the listener on a journey through the underworld, with the instrumentals providing the perfect soundtrack to the lyrical storytelling. The album contains features from Bryan Kuznitz of Fame On Fire, Spencer Charnas of Ice Nine Kills, and Rain Paris.

Check out We’re Wolves’ latest single, “Sell Your Soul,” below and stream Evil Things here.

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