News: White Label Analog Drop Buoyant New Single “Feelin’ It”

White Label Analog have dropped their upbeat new single, “Feelin’ It.”

From one of the country’s most celebrated hubs of of emerging rock music, Austin rock quartet White Label Analog seamlessly blend instrumental guile with gloriously catchy hooks and a dexterous, multi-layered blend of influence from the ’80s and ’90s as well as nods to their more present-day contemporaries.

Nods to Walk The Moon and Neon Trees shine through in the band’s recent tracks, a gregarious and unabashed display of toe-tapping rock.

“Feelin’ It” comes as the band’s first new music since 2018’s “Everyone Knows” and they have relished the opportunity to return to the studio. “It’s been a rough last couple of years for everyone, so it just feels great to come out with something that is fun and carefree”, says lead vocalist Chris Didear of the new single. We make music to move your feet as much as your heart.”

Read more about the band here.

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