Florida filth masters Worm will be releasing their second album Gloomlord, on January 24, 2020, through Iron Bonehead Productions.

The tracklist of Gloomlord is as follows:
1. Putrefying Swamp Mists at Dusk (Intro)
2. Rotting Spheres of Sentient Black
3. Apparitions of Gloom
4. Melting in the Necrosphere
5. Abysmal Dimensions

Iron Bonehead have released the final track, “Abysmal Dimensions,” through their Soundcloud, and is a horrifying peak into what Worm have prepared on their upcoming full-length: a slime-drenched, 11-minute assault with nods to old school death metal, doom metal and all things generally foul.

Worm have focused on a relatively more polished sound than their 2017 full-length with an emphasis on atmosphere and building up a multifaceted track. The duo aren’t afraid to speed up or slow down as they see fit, meaning you’re never too sure what foul pit you’ll be thrown into next. This creative direction serves only to strengthen their self described style of “Floridian Funeral Doom.” 

This will be a very brutal start to 2020.


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