News: Wrath of Logarius Announce New EP

Black metal trio Wrath of Logarius from Northern California bring havoc with the announcement of their new EP Necrotic Assimilation. The new record will be unleashed on December 8 as digital download. The band have also released a visualizer for the lead single “The Burning One.”

Watch the official visualizer of “The Burning One” on YouTube:

The band share their thoughts about the single:

“‘The Burning One’ tells a story about an inner dimensional invasion of earth”, says Wrath of Logarius. “These unsightly creatures are set to take over the world, infecting everything living with Necrotic Assimilation, a virus that takes over the mind. Hosts are turned into an empty vessel, forced to do the bidding of The Burning One”

The band share their thoughts about the upcoming record:

“’Necrotic Assimilation’ is the product of blending our favorites aspects of different types of black metal into one band. We are pleased with the outcome and will continue to build on that idea.”


1. At the Knighted Throne (1:47)
2. Swarm (3:37)
3. The Burning One (4:04)
4. I, The Void Dweller (1:19)
5. Soul Ascension (4:13)
6. Gates (4:26)

Wrath of Logarius

Preorder the album here.

Recording Lineup:

Noctifer (Vocals)
Urath (Lead Guitars)
Vastator (Guitars)
Lord Marco (Drums)
Andrew Hernandez (Bass)

Special Guests:

Kakophonix plays cello on “At the Knighted Throne”

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Photo courtesy of Wrath of Logarius

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