News: Xasthur Announce New Double-Album, Release Video of Title Track

Depressive black metal troop Xasthur are to release their new double-album Inevitably Dark, which will be out on June 23. Multi-instrumentalist Scott Conner has composed a kaleidoscopic double-album which showcases influences ranging from acid folk to black metal. Before the release, they offer the title track accompanied with a video.

Watch the sinister video of “Inevitably Dark” on YouTube:

Xasthur shares his thoughts:

“There’s a difference between being a guitarist and a black metal guitarist. I don’t consider myself to be a black metal guitarist. However, after more than 10 years, I see no reason not to work within those constrictions temporarily again.”

According to the press release:

Parallel to “Inevitably Dark,” Xasthur will release a limited red transparent vinyl LP entitled Rehearsals 1997-1999 on June 23 which contains ten nameless tracks that were recorded with the aid of nameless musicians on a cassette Walkman at Conner’s home. These have previously been released on a CDR of which less than a 100 were made in 2013. Rehearsals 1997-1999 will also be available on regular black vinyl.

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Photo courtesy of Xasthur

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