News: Xorsist Release New Album, ‘At The Somber Steps To Serenity’

Swedish death metal trio Xorsist have released their sophomore album At The Somber Steps To Serenity through Prosthetic Records. The band are proud to bring another milestone to their career, and also a new chapter to their native country’s extreme metal history.

Listen to the album on YouTube:

The band share their thoughts on the album release:

“A new chapter begins! We are proud to announce that today marks the release of our sophomore album, At the Somber Steps To Serenity.

We want to thank all who partook and contributed during this album’s process, and we hope that you all will enjoy what we have created. More great things are coming in the near future and on the horizon, and we will continue to do our very best to deliver the very best we possibly can.

Once again, thank you all for your support!”

Vocalist/bassist Birk Castenmalm shares his thoughts about the title track:

“At the Somber Steps to Serenity is a solid 8 minute emotional and musical representation of this record. It includes bone smashing heaviness and a whole bunch of fitting melodic touches. The music itself tells a somber story that follows the lyrics’ sad tone, portraying concepts such as depression, grief and suicide. With it holding such a deep meaning and it being the band’s favorite song off the album, it felt quite fitting for this to be the title track.”

At the Somber Steps to Serenity Tracklist:

1. A Life in Vain
2. Carve It Out
3. Blessed By The Divine
4. Imitation
5. Coterie of the Depraved
6. Banished to Obscurity
7. Distorted Shapes
8. Grace
9. Darkened Wings
10. At the Somber Steps to Serenity


Order At the Somber Steps to Serenity here.

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Photo courtesy of Ville Linder

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